Thirteen percent of Kentucky children (135,000) have had an incarcerated parent -  twice the national average and the highest percentage in the nation!

7.3 million youth have one or both parents incarcerated and face horrifying implications. Without effective intervention, 70% of these children are likely to follow their parent’s path into jail or prison. 



The Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation, Inc. was founded by Krista Hudson, Amy Snow, and Dale Robinson, a former inmate. The organization, recruits volunteers, collaborates with other non-profits and provides needed services and resources for these youth and their caregivers.

The foundation’s mission is to improve outcomes for Central Kentucky children and youth impacted by incarceration, helping them succeed in school and society by providing resources, mentoring, and productive experiences. 

Co-founder Dale Robinson is a former inmate and father of two, turned successful business owner. The foundation is named in honor of Dale’s his late mother.

Dale’s dreams for this non-profit have been long in the making. “It’s a difficult generational cycle to break,” says Dale Robinson, but he is breaking it for his own children by teaching and showing them that they must contribute to society and serve those who need it most.

Dale Robinson

Co-Founder of WJR Foundation

Wanda Joyce Robinson