Robinson starts nonprofit to help children of incarcerated​

Dale Robinson, who is a former inmate, has created a nonprofit organization to serve local children of parents who are incarcerated. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. 

Sept 2018 | The State Journal

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This spring, the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation will set up offices inside the Thorn Hill Education Center, a community center focused on adult education and community.

March 2024 | The State Journal

The Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation was set up to provide support for children with incarcerated parents.

April 2023 | LEX18

Franklin County will use funding to implement positive family engagement strategies and activities that address the needs of incarcerated parents with minor children. The project will provide resources to strengthen and expand the commitment to end generational incarceration in Kentucky by working within the county jail to facilitate contact visitation, provide weekly video visitation and transportation assistance to facilities across the state. The project will increase services to foster positive youth development and mentorship for children of the incarcerated by promoting an increase in self-esteem and a vision of a successful future.

Sept 2022 | Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Wanda Joyce Robinson foundation founders Dale Robinson and Amy Snow are meeting with Kentucky’s leaders. As a formerly incarcerated person, Robinson is hoping to bring attention to what young people in Kentucky experience when a parent or guardian is in jail or prison.

Sept 2022 | Spectrum News

Dale Robinson knew that while he was incarcerated, his sons had a strong support system. He also knew not all children had that opportunity. So Robinson began thinking about an organization that could help children who have a parent that is incarcerated. That was the beginning of the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation, which began in the fall of 2018.

Some county jails in the Commonwealth are creating or expanding parent-child visitation policies, but experts argued more work needs to be done to help families forge and maintain healthy bonds.

Oct 2022 | NKY Tribune

Dale Robinson from GURU Fitness has a fun workout you can do at home.

March 2021 | Best of the Bluegrass

#WR1 is much more than just a great football player… thank you Dale Robinson for showing all of us what redemption & what making the most of second chances looks like.

Sept 2021 | The Athletic

Paul Miller Ford has announced a newly-formed NIL (name, image, likeness) partnership agreement with Kentucky junior Wan’Dale Robinson in conjunction with sports management company The Virtus Brand.

Sept 2021 | The State Journal

A University of Kentucky football player is calling on lawmakers to provide more assistance to children impacted by incarceration.

Oct. 2021 | WLKY

Kids Rising Up through Support and Healing (KRUSH) was created for students who are dealing with family members that are or have been incarcerated. It was made by educators for educators. It’s a perfect mix of resources for educators to connect to the kids that need it most. And those kids are the ones their mission serves. So, they teamed up with KRUSH last year. 

July 2020 | The State Journal

He may have made grave mistakes in the past, but he did not let it rob him of a promising future. His one-of-a-kind experience motivated him to do something to turn his life around so that others may learn from it. From making prison visits-inspiring convicts-to talking in big conferences so he can teach people how to live a balanced life, Robinson is making it happen.

May 2020 | Yahoo Finance

What started as a small group of five now has grown into a desire to reach all 50 states. Kristi Whittaker and Jalina Wheeler created the K.R.U.S.H. (Kids Rising up through Support Healing) program in 2017. It offers a support system for kids who’ve had a family member behind bars or currently incarcerated.

July 2020 | The Daily Independent

Amy Nance Snow, of Franklin County Schools, accepts the Frank Sower President’s Award at Friday night’s annual meeting of the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce at the Capital Plaza Hotel.

Feb 2020 | The State Journal

The Kings Center has been a hub of activity for children in Frankfort since 1996. Starting at age 6, children can come to the center, located at the corner of Logan and Third streets, to get homework help, learn lifeskills and, best of all, hang out with their friends in a nurturing environment

Sept 2019 | FRANK Magazine

Kids Rising Up through Support and Healing (KRUSH) has cultivated a sense of family for students that have seen their own families affected by the harsh reality of incarceration. A reality that has become far too common in the Commonwealth.

June 2019 | NKY Tribune

Adam Hyatt organized a blood drive before he was killed in the Interstate 75 crash in southern Kentucky. Less than a month later, people are donating in his honor.

Aug 2019 | WKYT

Even as young teenager, Amy Nance Snow knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

Sept 2018 | FRANK Magazine