More than 400 middle and high school students are impacted by incarceration in Frankfort/Franklin County.

Our approach… A Youth Advocate provides daily/weekly mentoring and check-ins with youth, building relationships with youth impacted by incarceration. The advocate works with youth to identify goals and a plan to reach those goals, aiding youth in building resilience.

Some programming includes:

Lifeskills Training

Evidenced Based Curriculum

College and Career Planning

Youth-led Initiatives

Monthly Large Group Meetings

Educational and Experimental Field Trips

Relationships are developmental when young people...

Discover who they are.

Develop abilities to shape their own lives.

Learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them.

Adam Hyatt Memorial Scholarship

From our inaugural meeting September 2018, Adam Hyatt supported the WJRF mission. He loved and served his students at Franklin County High School; he loved and served children and youth in his community. It is with great honor that we offer the WJRF Adam Hyatt Memorial Scholarship to qualified candidates in Frankfort and Franklin County, KY.