our mission

is to serve kids and youth that have been impacted by incarceration...

The Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation, Inc. is an independent, non-partisan 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that fosters partnerships aimed at healing and unifying our community. We welcome a diversity of ideas and experiences in our search for equitable and inclusive solutions to address the impact of parental incarceration on children and youth.

The Foundation is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive community by recognizing, respecting, and celebrating individual differences and commonalities in our board members, families, volunteers, and community partners.

We have equipped ourselves with a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist that aids in creating a holistic learning environment that prepares our board members, families, volunteers, and community partners to be invested, educated, and accountable citizens for our local and global communities. We believe in protecting the rights of all board members, families, volunteers, and community partners regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, age, sexual and gender orientation, geographical origin/background, or religious beliefs. 

We acknowledge the need to learn from those who are different and to grow from varying experiences as they have the impact to influence our own beliefs. Our goal is to provide diverse, equitable, and inclusive opportunities for all board members, families, volunteers, and community partners through quality workshops and trainings.

The Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation, Inc. was founded by Amy Snow, Dale Robinson and Krista Hudson in September 2018. The organization partners with schools, community agencies, and other non-profits to provide resources and services to children and families. WJRF has the unique capacity to “fill in the gaps” that macro-level services unintentionally create. WJRF represents “family”, as in total community- felon, child/youth, law enforcement, correctional system, school, mental health, government, and business. Within this family, WJRF provides mentorship for both prisoner and child; support to parents and caregivers; and connection to COMMUNITY. We believe in a holistic approach to breaking the generational cycle of incarceration. This is achieved through the commitment and dedication of the foundation volunteers and board of directors. 
Co-founder, Dale Robinson, is a former prisoner, turned successful business owner, of GURU gym, located in Frankfort, Kentucky. Dale is a sought-after motivational speaker endorsed by school systems, churches, businesses and Kentucky’s correctional system. He is the father of two sons- Dalevon Robinson and Wan’Dale Robinson and the husband of Taylor Robinson. The foundation is named after his late mother.

Educate. Connect. Prevent.

It is the Vision of the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation to end the cycle of incarceration by providing the children and youth that we serve with a path of hope and a vision of a successful future.


Fifteen percent of Kentucky children (145,000) have had an incarcerated parent –  twice the national average and the highest percentage in the nation!

7.3 million youth have one or both parents incarcerated and face horrifying implications. Without effective intervention, 70% of these children are likely to follow their parent’s path into jail or prison.

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In loving memory of Wanda Joyce Robinson​

The Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation epitomizes a mother’s unconditional love and hope for her children…that along life’s journey, our sons and daughters learn to love, forgive, believe and overcome. We honor the late Wanda Joyce Robinson in our mission to serve children and youth impacted by incarceration.