Amy SnowExecutive Director

Elizabeth TreblehornDirector of Development

Debbie DeMersFamily Transition Coordinator

Parenting Class Instructors
Eric Lemon  |  Angela Winkfield

Youth Advocates
Meagan Morrow  | Trish Freeman  |  Preston Pearl

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of our organization. The Board meets monthly to discuss organization needs and planning.  

Todd HorstmeyerBoard Chair

Laquida SmithSecretary

Shelley Hearn

Jonathan Scott

Dustin Bowman

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council identifies needs of children and families and make recommendations for program development. The council meets quarterly to evaluate programs. Our advisory council is made up of community stakeholders and representatives of our families.

Elizabeth TreblehornWanda Joyce Robinson Foundation

Krystal Conway Cunningham | Frankfort Independent Schools

Tisa Conway Cunningham  | Frankfort Independent Schools

Justin Whitehead | Department of Juvenile Justice

Deborah McKee | Court Designated Worker

Sarah Rhodes | Frankfort Independent Schools

Andrea Boyd | Department of Community Based Services

Meagan Morrow | Franklin County Schools

Virginia Marshall | Counselor, MA, LPCA

Whitney Jennels | Parent Representative

Robin Winkfield | Parent Representative

Melissa Payne | Caregiver Representative

Alicia Smith | Parent Representative

Finance Committee

Todd Horstmeyer | Retired Attorney at Law

Margaret O’Donnell | Attorney at Law

Paul Edwards | Retired Chief Audit Officer + CEO

Wil Rhodes | Executive Director of Financial Management and Administration, Department for Local Government