A New Year.

What a year 2020 was! We adjusted quite a few programs, went virtual for planning and much more. Our impact wasn’t as big as we WANTED it to be, but we stayed connected to our families and kiddos and that’s what matters.

In November, Kentucky Youth Advocates released the 2020 Kids
Count report. 12% of Kentucky children have had an incarcerated parent. Kentucky ranks third highest in the nation for parental incarceration.  Notably, this figure does not include the number of parents under court supervision, (probation). When you attribute this number to Franklin County, an estimated 862 children and youth have had an incarcerated parent.

The GoodGiving Challenge this past December gave us a chance to introduce our organization to a new audience and raise funds to continue to keep our mission going. Your donations bring us one step closer to reaching our overall fundraising goal for the year! A huge thank you to the 125 who donated. These contributions helped us raise more than $20,000 during our first ever GoodGiving Challenge!

The money raised helped us fully fund our 2021 budget, which is available for you to view on our website, wjrfoundation.org, as well as contributed $7,000 to our Adam Hyatt Memorial Scholarship fund!

We’re looking forward to a year filled with new possibilities for our organization. We have our eyes on big things and we are already working to make them happen. We started our year out with a virtual board meeting this morning and our board is motivated and ready to make you proud. Follow us on social media @wjrfoundation to see how donations from this past year are helping us reach our mission with every program and outreach we do. If you’re looking to do more, visit our website to learn about mentor and volunteer opportunities in our community.

Thank you for being a part of the WJRF family!


Amy Nance Snow
WJRF Co-founder and President