The 2024 Interns

The 2024 Interns

Part of our 2024 vision included bringing interns on to assist with our programming needs. While we love a helping hand around the office, we wanted to integrate young adults into our programming and our work with Franklin County youth. It’s important to us that they get a valuable experience in a real world organization while developing their ideas and dreams for future work. Since we live and thrive in a college town, connecting with Kentucky State University has made this dream a reality!

La’Quida (Qui) Smith, Director of Development for Wanda J, is a former full time Professor and Department Chair of the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Kentucky State University during academic year 2022-2023. In addition to her Wanda J duties, Qui currently serves as adjunct Professor in the School of Psychology. Students in this field are required to complete research or acquire hours in an applied setting, which is met by our internship. Qui oversees our intern program and works with our interns from both sides- as a Professor and employee of WJ.

This Spring, we have the pleasure of welcoming these six Psychology Practicum students from Kentucky State University. These students will serve as interns through April:

Courtney Coats, a 21-year-old senior from Cleveland, Ohio. Courtney has a career goal of being a forensic psychologist.

Justin Coleman, a 21-year-old senior from Detroit, Michigan. Justin has a career goal of creating an all-Black psychologist firm working with youth.

Lisuanet Flores VĂ©lez, a 21-year-old junior from San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. Lisuanet plays softball and has a career goal of being a forensic psychologist who plans to provide access and resources to youth in the juvenile system.

ShyAnn Jackson, a 20-year-old junior from Detroit, Michigan. ShyAnn has a career goal of being a community psychologist.

Adia Smalls, a 23-year-old graduating senior born as a military child, who calls Oahu, Hawaii home. Adia is a double major in nursing with a career goal of being a postpartum and delivery nurse with plans of retiring into a new profession as a postsecondary educator.

Britney Thomas Wilson, a 20-year-old junior from Dayton, Ohio. Britney is a peer tutor at the Thorobred Learning Center on campus, with a career goal of being a school counselor.

These interns are already attending and assisting with all Wanda J programs for middle and high school outreach. They are visiting schools to attend KRUSH groups, spending time with our youth during lunch hours and are present for other WJ events. Through this, they are able to connect with our teens weekly and become role models for our youth!

“It’s one thing to know the work, but it’s more rewarding when you get to do the work. Working with interns that are in the field of psychology is a huge benefit for Wanda Joyce and gives the interns practical experience.” Qui Smith

We are excited to have interns working with us, our connection to Kentucky State University and most importantly that our youth benefit from all of it.