Fund A Need 2020

Fund A Need 2020

“Not only do extracurricular activities instill great values like teamwork, responsibility and a sense of community, they have also been proven to boost school attendance, academic success, and aspirations for continuing education past high school. Additionally, they are linked to healthier choices like avoiding drug use and maintaining a healthy body weight.”

(National Education Association,

After school activities keep kids busy, while developing essential life skills such as time management, teamwork and goal setting. They make friends. They meet mentors. They relieve stress. They escape life for a little bit. They feel valued. The list goes on. 

As we celebrate our one year birthday, we as a foundation consider what we can do to fill our kids with hope, value and vision. Actually, it’s kind of all we ever think about. Our mission is to serve children and youth impacted by incarceration and we’re working on that and so much more in our community. So, we’ve picked out what we want for our birthday. We want you to help fund a great need that we have. We want to get our kids involved. We want them to experience lessons, classes, sports, whatever their heart desires.

If you’ve donated to the WJRF in the past, you may have already funded a child’s experience without knowing it. Last year, we sent 16 children to a summer class at B’s Bakery, 2 children to a week-long camp at Josephine Sculpture Park, 18 children to basketball camp, paid for 4 girls to be in gymnastics and the list continues. This $3,112.20 commitment gave 54 kids experiences they will remember forever! In 2020, we want to do more. We want every WJRF kid to be able to participate. We want to see their smile when they make a goal, perform at a recital or learn to do something they didn’t even think was possible. 

Here’s the thing. The guardians and family members of our kids are already doing everything they can to provide for their kids. Extracurricular activities are expensive and are not a necessity. This month, we’re asking that you help us by funding opportunities for our kids. Experiences such as gymnastics, karate, summer camp and others that will help them grow, learn and foster hope. Experiences that will help their emotional, physical and mental health. Experiences that they may never get to have without you.

Here’s just a few examples of the initial costs for some of our favorite activities in Frankfort:

B’s Bakery Class for One Child
$25 for one summer day class

Gymnastics for One Child
$50 per month

Dance Classes for One Child
$47 per month

Martial Arts for One Child
$75 per month 

Parks + Rec Sport for One Child
$65 Registration Fee

Summer Camp for One Child
$200 for one week

These are just a few examples. These fees sometimes only cover the registration costs. Donations of any amount will help us cover transportation, uniform and equipment needs and much more. 

During this giving season, please consider donating to the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation. All the money donated through the end of the year will help us get our kids involved in 2020. A small donation could make all the difference! Then, head on over to our Facebook page to see your donation at work.