Update from The President

Update from The President

With Covid-19 restrictions in place we continue to meet each month, virtually. Our board is currently focused on strategic planning. We are doing a general public assessment and we encourage everyone to complete this short survey because we want to hear from you! We anticipate approving a well thought-out plan of our short and long term goals before the holidays, as well as a board monitoring policy. Your input is not only important to us, but will also help us in making these plans for the foundation and our community.

We are very excited to announce that we have obtained our Silver Seal of Transparency with GuideStar, a national non-profit clearinghouse. Our profile is available online and includes our financial information. Check us out as we continue to move forward towards our Gold and Platinum Seals.  With our strategic plan and GuideStar profile in place, we are focused and committed to securing grant funds to hire full time staff!  

In October, we will celebrate two years of inception. Simply incredible! My daughter will be two in November. She was born with cystic fibrosis. My husband and I quickly learned the value of healthy lungs and the literal air she breathes. Along with her daily meds and therapy, salt has to be added to her nutritional intake so that she maintains optimal health. (And yes, she is healthy!) Something as simple as salt is life-sustaining for not only my daughter, but for all of us-  When we show love and grace, this “salt of the Earth” feeds hope to others. The Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation does exactly that. We provide unconditional love and and hope- that along life’s journey, our sons and daughters learn to love, forgive, believe and overcome.  Join us as we continue our mission serving children and youth impacted by incarceration.

Amy Snow, President